Here Are Four Things You Need to Learn Before Getting A Marijuana Card

Here Are Four Things You Need to Learn Before Getting A Marijuana Card

My father underwent surgery. And as you know surgeries can never be fun, I saw my father going through constant pain. One incision in the armpit, arm tied up in the sling, hundreds of painkillers, and physical exercise to bring things back to normal. Despite all the inconvenience, he somehow managed to put up a smile on his face. But it took him two years and extensive painkillers to come out of the pain. The reason why he decided to switch to natural treatments. You see, he dreaded going back to another round of opioids and it terrified him. As a result of which he also started taking medical cannabis and don’t worry we live in New York and medical marijuana is legal in NY. All you need is a Medical Marijuana Card in New York

However, marijuana laws and regulations differ from state to state. Unfortunately, marijuana is still illegal on the Federal level. Perhaps why the process of getting a medical marijuana card varies from state to state. In general, you need a qualifying condition as listed in the state list and a state residency proof to get a MMJ card. While some states are quite lenient others are strict. As far as New York is concerned, marijuana laws are different here as well. So, there are few things you need to learn before you enroll yourself in a medical marijuana program in New York. 

First thing first, you need to know your state’s cannabis laws

With the growing popularity of cannabis, 33+ states in the USA have already legalized medical marijuana. This also means that plenty of states have their personalized medical marijuana programs. All of them vary in terms of time length and the list of qualifying medical conditions. So, if you live in New York, quickly find a medical marijuana program and the list of qualifying conditions. Next, ensure that you read everything about cannabis laws in New York. Google your state and I am sure you will find everything you need to know about New York’s marijuana laws and regulations. 

Get a medical cannabis card in New York under a doctor’s supervision

There is no doubt that you need a medical cannabis card in New York to purchase cannabis strains for your medical condition. However, most doctors will need your medical records to prove whether you qualify for medical cannabis use or not. Interestingly, some of the medical marijuana doctors might even get in touch with your MMJ program and do your work for you. This is to say that you need a doctor’s recommendation in order to prove that you qualify for cannabis use.

Residency proof 

As I mentioned earlier medical marijuana laws vary across states. And the good news is, you only need personal identification proof to reap the benefits of medical cannabis. Also, in order to avail of the advantages, you have to show that you live in that state. Say you live in New York and you need an MMJ card. In this case, all you need is a proof to show that you live in NY. The proof can be in the form identification card (ID), a driver’s license, or a passport. Without these documents, it will be hard to get medical marijuana in New York.

Always keep in mind that each state is different

Now that 33 states have legalized marijuana, the entire scene has shifted. People somehow tend to believe that legalization will help you purchase cannabis in any of the legalized states. However, some states strictly forbid outsiders to purchase cannabis. Fortunately, New York allows out-of-state patients to buy medical cannabis. Although you might run into issues like varying lists of qualifying medical conditions or canna-products, yet, everything can go smoothly if you are aware of the laws in your state and most vitally in other American states. 

Is Marijuana Treatment For Parkinson’s a Good Idea?

Parkinson's disease

Parkinson’s is one of the toughest conditions that affect nearly every aspect of the patient’s daily activities. The medications that are available nowadays have a lot of gaps that do not help every symptom that such patients have to deal with. So, medical marijuana for Parkinson’s might be a good opportunity for such patients to take the other route and relieve some of their symptoms considerably. And the good point is the residents can use their medical marijuana card, New York for this condition as it is a qualifying medical condition in the state of New York. But, the question here must be, how does medical marijuana help Parkinson’s patients? Let’s explore the mechanism together. 

Medical Marijuana And The Brain 

Our body contains a specific system, ECS, that contains receptors and ligands that regulate a range of functions such as mood, pain, cognition, or appetite. The scientists suggest that cannabinoids in cannabis mimic the responses carried out by endocannabinoids. That’s how upon consumption, you will feel different effects. However, there are concerns over its abuse potential since it stimulates the reward center and causes euphoria. Some even talk about its potential to change the perception of time in the users.     

However, research shows otherwise. Yes, THC might cause paranoia in some individuals. But, the outcome can’t be generalized. Since medical marijuana varies in chemical composition, the effects won’t be the same. Here is how medical marijuana works for Parkinson’s.

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Medical Marijuana For Parkinson’s  

CBD and THC were not meant to combat the symptoms of PD. But, over the years, a series of research studies suggested that it might be a solution to aid a person dealing with Parkinson’s. It’s because of the properties that make it a good candidate to relieve symptoms like tremor, stiffness, insomnia, dystonia, pain, or weight loss. However, many things that need to be specified. For example:

  • What are the PD symptoms that can be managed by medical marijuana?
  • What ratios of THC or CBD do you need to work for a particular symptom? 
  • What doses will work for different symptoms?

A few trials talked about the role of THC and CBD in PD. In these trials, the patients receiving treatment found that more than 40 patients out of 80 had some improvements in the symptoms. Scientists believe that medical marijuana would be safe for such patients. So, going for a medical marijuana card New York might actually turn out to be a hope. 

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Final Thoughts Tips When Going For Medical Marijuana Card New York

Medical marijuana might be an elixir for many. But, it’s a must that you consider your options before signing yourself for a medical marijuana program in Newyork. A lot of things must be taken into account while going for medical marijuana therapy.

  1. Talk to a doctor about your symptoms and let him/her decide if medical marijuana can help.
  2. If you try medical marijuana has positive effects, it might have certain side effects as well. So, use cautiously. 
  3. It is important to be updated about PD clinical trials and see if your symptoms are included in that.

If you keep in mind these important tips, there won’t be a chance that you will fail in your therapy in terms of side effects or other hurdles that could hamper your recovery in any way. Other than that, make sure to get your medical marijuana card New York, that’s how you can access the products approved by the state for relieving your symptoms. 

How to Become Certified Cannabis Doctors?

Cannabis Doctors

New York was a bit skeptical about the introduction of the concept of a medical marijuana card in New York at first. But that was history. They are now gearing up for marijuana legalization in some time soon. Well, fingers crossed for that. But that’s a secondary thing. Here we are going to talk about doctors who are certified to recommend patients to medical marijuana. Doctors play a critical role in diagnosing conditions that are the right match for medical recommendations. So, you must understand everything about being a certified doctor. Are you all set? So, let’s dive in and learn about it.

Who Can Issue Marijuana Card?

If you want to issue medical certifications for patients, you must pass the following criteria as a medical marijuana practitioner.

You must have the qualifications to treat patients with one or more severe conditions, as mentioned in 10 NYCRR §1004.2. If you are targeting patients with a substance use disorder, you must hold a federal Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 (DATA 2000) waiver.

You must be practicing medicine with appropriate licenses, as defined in Article 131 of the NYS Education Law. Or you can be an assistant who is practicing medicine as per Article 131-B of the NYS Education Law. You can be a nurse practitioner as well as defined in Article 139 of the NYS Education Law.

You must complete a course approved by the Commissioner. And lastly, you must be registered with the New York Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program.

What Are The Key Elements For Becoming a Certified Doctor?

As per the 10 NYCRR §1004.1(b), the Commissioner must approve at least one course for a practitioner that wishes to register with the Medical Marijuana Program. The course must include the following content such as pharmacology of marijuana, its contraindications or side effects, overdose prevention, or any other component approved by the Commissioner.

You can apply to the Department and review the course requirements. In case of any queries, you can email For now, the Department has approved two courses. The first one being “THEANSWERPAGENY” that is a two-hour course for $169. Another course for $179 for four hours allows every doctor and nurse to recommend medical marijuana card New York to their patients. The second one would be “The Medical Cannabis Institute” for $189 is available online for the same purpose. Once you complete any given course, you can register yourself to certify medical marijuana patients.

How to Get a MMJ Card Without Any Hassles?

If you wish to obtain a medical marijuana card in New York, first, you need to be a resident of New York. Then you must have a recommendation from a qualifying physician, as we mentioned above. You can either visit them or find them online. Then, you need to register yourself at the state’s medical-marijuana program. Once you have your card, you can buy from any state-licensed dispensary.

Final Thoughts

Unlike some states, not everyone is authorized to certify medical marijuana in New York. One needs to complete individual courses and must have a specific skill set to do so. For patients, if you are unable to find such professionals, look at the official site of New York. Just make sure you are 18 years and above and that you have a qualifying medical condition. That’s how you can quickly become a part of the medical marijuana program in New York and obtain a medical marijuana card, New York, easily.

Are you ready to be a part of the marijuana program? Have you found your certified doctor as of yet?

Manage Epilepsy With The Help of Medical Marijuana

Manage Epilepsy With The Help of Medical Marijuana

Epilepsy affects about 1.2 percent of people in the US. This translates to roughly 3.4 million people. If we talk about the global numbers, it’s 65 million. So, there are plenty of people that are in the grip of this neurological disorder. A medical marijuana card in New York matches you with the right treatment. Well, various treatment options are available but they are not that effective. Cannabis presents a brilliant alternative without the side-effects.

What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a disorder of the central nervous system that is characterized by repetitive seizures, abnormal brain activity, and loss of awareness. There are varying kinds of seizures that affect you. Generalized seizures have an effect on the whole brain while focal seizures affect a single side of the brain. It mainly occurs due to a problem in the electrical activity of the brain. This messes up the exchange of messages between the cells.

There are various factors that can trigger epileptic seizures. These include lack of sleep, stress, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, or exposure to bright lights. The most common symptom of epilepsy is a seizure. It can be categorized into generalized and focal seizures. Along with these, loss of consciousness, anxiety, confusion, and uncontrollable jerk movements are common to people with epilepsy.

The current medications are not enough

Anti-epileptic or anti-seizure drugs are the most common modes of treatment available. These are effective but come with the side-effects you don’t want to be a part of. Fatigue, poor coordination, and memory problems are the common side-effects that come with these medications. Brain surgery and the ketogenic diet are also available options.

Well, there is a better method at work now. It’s cannabis and it works smoothly without any side-effects. There have been positive results in this regard and the herb has been pretty effective.

Cannabis for epilepsy

Cannabis is pretty effective for managing epilepsy. In fact, even the FDA approved a cannabis-based drug—epidiolex to manage the condition. This clearly points to the fact that the herb carries the properties that are effective in managing epilepsy. Cannabis produces promising effects on the human body that are helpful in managing a vast number of conditions. Epilepsy is surely one of them.

The main medicinal effects arise from THC and CBD. They influence the endocannabinoid receptors in the body to release the beneficial hormones in the body. This brings a sense of balance, and makes you feel good. In the case of epilepsy, the brain is the center of friction. Cannabis has the required anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties that are effective in enhancing brain activity, The herb sketches the necessary effects on the brain and helps you feel sane again. It brings a sense of mental clarity that helps you think freely again. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties ensure there is no pain.

There are basically two kinds of receptors in the body. These are CB1 and CB2. THC particularly shows an increased binding affinity to CB1 receptors in the brain and produces a high. CBD influences the receptors in other parts of the body to induce relaxation. It also limits the activity of THC and thereby reduces intoxication. Together these active compounds sketch the effects that are highly beneficial for managing epilepsy.

Talk to a doctor for better help

A doctor is better suited to assist you in case of medical need. Now, when we talk about cannabis, you cannot take risks. The doctor has the necessary experience to guide you towards good health. The research and studies dictate the course of treatment he will recommend to you. Epilepsy is a sensitive disease. It needs the right mechanics to handle it properly.

The doctor can present cannabis in a way that is guaranteed to bring a positive change in your health. Cannabis is effective but it works in a specific dose. So, the doctor can screen your health and figure out the best dose for you. He can also suggest the right method of ingestion for you. With his help, you can surely dive into a better cannabis experience.

Just get your medical marijuana card in New York and you earn the legal right to use cannabis for your health. I’m sure you’re up for an evaluation!

Myths About Medical Cannabis You Must Stop Following Now


Medical cannabis is truly a magical grass. Various studies have shown that medical cannabis can help in treating symptoms related to many diseases. Many health conditions qualify for medical cannabis; like anxiety, stress, seizures, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, inflammation, chronic pain, cancer, and more. If you also suffer from any of such conditions, get a medical marijuana card in New York to buy medical cannabis for your condition.

With the rise in popularity of medical cannabis, many myths and misconceptions surrounding it also develop. These myths can be misleading and convey wrong information about medical cannabis. So, if you are new to the cannabis world, it’s important for you to educate yourself about these myths. Read along to clarify all the doubts you have. Having said that, here are some of the most common myths surrounding medical cannabis.

Myth 1: Any Medical Cannabis Can Get You ‘High’

There are many chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. But, the two main components are THC and CBD. And THC is the compound responsible for the psychoactivity or the ‘high’ people feel after consuming cannabis. THC connects with CB1 receptors in your brain and activate them, which causes psychoactive effects.

On the other hand, CBD does not connect with CB1 receptors and does not cause any ‘high’. In fact, it can reduce the ‘high’ effect. Cannabis that more CBD than THC will not get you ‘high’ too much. And if you don’t need even a little bit of ‘high’, you can buy products that have only CBD and no THC.

Myth 2: Smoking is The Only Way to Experience Its Benefits

Smoking is undoubtedly the most common way to consume cannabis. It also offers instantaneous effects. But, it is not the only way you can consume your medical herb. The method you choose to consume cannabis depends upon your condition. So, it’s always better to consult your doctor before trying a new way of consumption. These include vaporization, edibles, and oils.

Myth 3: Cannabis is a ‘Gateway Drug’

A lot of people think that cannabis can lead to using more drugs, and hence giving it the name ‘gateway drug’. But that’s not true at all. In fact, medical cannabis is widely used as an alternative to opioid-based medication for various conditions like insomnia. It is considered as a safer alternative to the pharmaceutical medicines as it does not have any severe side effects. Also, there is no definite proof of cannabis being a ‘gateway drug’.

Myth 4: Medical Cannabis Can Kill Your Brain Cells

Again, a very popular myth surrounding medical cannabis. But, it’s absolutely wrong. Cannabis has cannabinoids that are neurodegenerative. That means, they build new neurons in your brain instead of killing them. It also protects your brain from many injuries like concussions, head trauma, and stroke.

These compounds also protect your DNA from any damage that can be caused by the environment and biological toxins.

Myth 5: Effects of Eating And Smoking Medical Cannabis are the same

There are many ways in which you can consume cannabis. And every method has its own effects. Smoking cannabis can offer instantaneous effects (mostly within 30 minutes). These effects may last up to 1.5 hours.

On the other hand, if you eat cannabis-infused foods (edibles), you may start feeling the effects only after 45 minutes to 2 hours. Also, these effects can last for 8 hours, sometimes even more.

Myth 6: Medical Cannabis is Linked to Memory Loss

This is more like a piece of incomplete information. How? Well, this sentence is true to some extent. But, this is just a short-term thing. This temporary memory loss is related to THC effects. And as soon as these effects wear off, this short-term memory loss problem will also go away.

Also, medical cannabis can affect the memory only if it is abused while the brain is still developing (young age). That’s why the legal age for cannabis use is 21 years old and above.


All these myths surrounding medical cannabis are wrong and misleading. So, it’s better for you to educate yourself about medical cannabis before believing these myths. Medical cannabis is a natural remedy. But, remember, excess of anything can be hazardous. So, properly consume your cannabis. And consult a doctor before buying any cannabis product.

Medical Cannabis Can Bring A Positive Change In Your Life

Medical Cannabis Can Bring A Positive Change In Your Life

Medical marijuana card New York is loaded with plenty of advantages. The best thing is that it gives you access to the range of cannabis products that you can source from the dispensary. This is a gift you cannot afford to ignore. Cannabis is great for human health. So, when you get a medium to access it, that’s definitely worth the shot. Are you in favor of OTC medicines? Well, they are bad for you.

How is cannabis good for human health?

Cannabis is great for the human body in the sense that it brings the best out of you. And, it’s not just limited to the physical body, it makes you mentally sound too. Cannabis helps in establishing homeostasis which means it brings everything in balance. If you’re wondering how that happens, the credit goes to the endocannabinoid system.

The ECS is a network of receptors, enzymes, and endocannabinoids that are spread throughout the body. So, when you ingest cannabis, the active compounds THC and CBD interact with these receptors to release the feel-good hormones in the body. Also, there is a restriction in the way you ingest. Edibles and smokables are not permitted. The acceptable forms include vape, capsules, oil sprays, and tinctures. Along with that, there is a list of qualifying conditions that make you eligible to get a medical marijuana card. These include multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Cancer, Epilepsy, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, ALS, HIV, Neuropathy, PTSD, substance use disorder, spinal cord nerve injury, and Huntington’s disease.

Let’s get back to the endocannabinoid system now. As discussed earlier, the active compounds THC and CBD influence the receptors to benefit the body. Now, there are two kinds of receptors—CB1 and CB2. THC shows an increased binding affinity to CB1 receptors that are mostly present in the central nervous system. On the other hand, CBD influences CB2 and other receptors to induce positive changes in the body. THC is psychoactive and produces a high while CBD is non-psychoactive and does not produce a high.

So, when you ingest a cannabis product, THC and CBD combine to produce the beneficial effects on the body. It works by hitting the receptors in the target area. Cannabis brings everything in balance. So, you don’t really need anything else.

Cannabis is much better than mainstream medications

Another factor that works in favor of cannabis is that it is safe and natural. Most prescription medications come with the side-effects that harm your body. Nobody wants that while treating a health issue. Thankfully, cannabis does not cause any side-effects and works naturally. Also, one major problem with prescription medicines is that they make you addicted. Cannabis is non-addictive and does not produce any signs of dependence. So, that’s definitely great for you.

How to get a medical marijuana card in New York?

Ever since the state legalized medical cannabis in 2014, there has been a wave of positive changes. Managing health has been easier and people finally have a natural remedy that is effective. Now, if you want to access an MMJ card, the entire process is pretty easy. Thanks to telemedicine that has made the entire process smooth. Just find a relevant clinic and submit your application. The clinic will analyze your application and link you to a certified cannabis doctor. They will interact with you via a video call.

This means that you can get all the help you need from the comfort of your home. The doctor interacts with you and ensures if you actually have a medical condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis. If it falls under the list of 14 conditions, then it’s definitely good. The doctor approves your request and hands over the recommendation via email. The process is not yet complete. You still need to register with the New York Department of Health. This is necessary for you to become a certified medical marijuana patient.

The future of medical marijuana in New York

With the current trend guiding the changes, it’s safe to assume that cannabis will continue to induce positive results in the state. The industry is booming like never before and people are enjoying the advantages. While smoking and edibles are still not permitted, other states have more relaxed laws. New York is particularly concentrating on the healthiest methods of ingestion. Smoking is the fastest way to feel the effects of cannabis but it is taxing for the lungs. So, it’s still banned in the state.

Maintaining health is always a challenge these days. With a medical marijuana card in New York, maintaining health has surely become easier. People have a better alternative that can give a positive direction to your health. The herb provides you with results that most medicines can’t.