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It's Us

For a doctor, a patient is a patient regardless of their history, bank balance, criminal record or fame; it is human body for us, which is not functioning correctly or is not in good shape and must be taken care of. At NY Medical Card, we take the same approach towards cannabis as medicine. Our concern is that medical marijuana can heal a human body by curbing the pain and several other medical ailments. The screening process that our licensed practitioners and doctors use is super strict, and if we get the slightest of the hint that a person is a poser, we nullify the process, no matter what stage of the issuing we are at. Marijuana is a great medicine which human beings have been using for a very long time, but medical marijuana card NY is still blazed and sensitive matter which should be handled with care and attention. Attention and responsibility are two strong pillars of the foundation of our clinic, which we intend to keep on standing with our blunt honesty.

Is It Legal to Sell Medical Marijuana Card NY Online?

Most of our patients ask us the same question every single day, “is it even legal to sell a medical marijuana card NY?” If you have the same thing in your mind, answer to this is, apparently yes! Yes, just like the rest of the stuff in the market these days, now you can get a medical cannabis recommendation online, and it is one hundred percent legal to do that. Both selling and purchasing of a medical 420 card in New York is just as legitimate as buying an iPhone from Amazon. The medical marijuana program was tighter than ever in the city of New York, which changed rapidly after a private California company taking advantage of New York’s State Senate Bill 2405. The bill allows and dictates the “electronic information and communication technologies by telehealth providers, to deliver healthcare services; the consultation, treatment, education, assessment, diagnosis, care management or/and self-management of any patient.” Hence, the trend of online medical evaluations came in effect. Now patients, who are already suffering enough can avoid the dire traffic and get an MMJ card in just ten minutes, without ever leaving the premises of their homes.

Why to Trust Us?

Despite being highly enthusiastic and realistic about what we do, there are some other factors too which may guide our hearts to build the trust bridge between our patients and us. Let us explain to you first what it takes to be a practitioner who can issue a medical marijuana card NY? Each practitioner must complete a one-year course sharpening the required skills in this relevantly new business of medical weed. As put forth in 10 NYCRR 1004.1(a), the online course must be approved by the Commissioner. Other than that, to obtain the power to help patients use medical marijuana, every practitioner must be qualified to diagnose people with at least one or more severe condition listed in 10 NYCRR 1004.2, acute pain management, cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, HIV/aids, Huntington’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, Parkinson’s disease et cetera. Also, the doctor or nurse applying for the authority to issue a medical marijuana card NY must be qualified to treat patients suffering from opioid use disorder or substance abuse disorder. And the applying candidate must also possess a federal Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 (DATA 2000) waiver. Only a handful of professionals can apply for this program, like, licensed practitioners of medicine or a physician (as described in the Article 131 of NYC Education Law), practicing nurse or a physician assistant, or practitioner of medicine in New York State under a physician who must be registered with the NY State Medical Marijuana Program. You can judge the criteria is pretty tight; and if we have passed these guidelines, we deserve a little trust we believe.

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Our Mission

It is simple; to make sure that quality healthcare must be accessible to all without any kind of discrimination or prejudice. Our clinic knows the sensitivity that surrounds medical marijuana. Along with paying our role into spreading eminent healthcare in the New York State, we believe in making genuine efforts to spread as much awareness as we can to educate people about the medical benefits of medical marijuana. We believe that every cannabis product, if used sensibly, can help several patients live life in a better way. Our online clinic is one more step towards the future of telemedicine and to the betterment of patients with chronic diseases in New York. We are thriving to push the limits of telemedicine and of the level of comfort a patient must have when they are suffering from any medical condition. At NY Medical Card, we know, that the country’s medical sector is already raising too many eyebrows, so, the distribution of equal excellent services has become the need of the hour. For all the patients who are worried about their private information being exposed, must not worry as we have an immense strict policy about it, we will never share your private information with anyone. So, what are you waiting for? Fill the form, talk to our doctor on a video call, and get your medical marijuana card NY in just ten minutes. It is truly as simple as is sounds.