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Cannabis Tolerance Break: Meaning and Benefits

October 06, 2021 0 Comments

Before we head towards the concept of a cannabis tolerance break, let’s first understand what is a tolerance. Tolerance is a state when a body becomes resistant to a medication or any substance when consumed on a regular basis. The tolerance leads to a stage where an individual requires a higher dosage of the substance to get the original effect. 

Same is the concept of cannabis tolerance. It simply means when you need a higher amount of cannabis to achieve the same desired results which you were getting earlier in a considerably lower dosage. Now, a cannabis tolerance break is when you need a break from your daily marijuana consumption as it makes you dependent. 

Medical marijuana may not make you as dependent as recreational usage can do. States like New York, California have a major chunk of cannabis users who go for tolerance breaks. Medical marijuana New York is easily available, being one of the reasons for the rising marijuana consumption and the need for tolerance break. You just need a medical marijuana card NYC or new york medical card and you can access legal cannabis. Coming back to our main topic, in this blog, we will be discussing cannabis tolerance break, its benefits, side-effects, etc. 

What Is a Cannabis Tolerance Break: Meaning 

As mentioned earlier, a cannabis tolerance break is a deliberate break from cannabis for a particular period of time in order to reduce the number of cannabinoids in the brain and body. 

Studies show that the chemicals in cannabis can build up to a level that may reduce its effects over time. People prefer taking tolerance breaks when they feel the need to consume more cannabis to get the same results they had experienced before. 

Importance of a Tolerance Break? 

Our body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), crucial for homeostasis, that is maintaining balance in the body. Its different functions include sleep, pain regulation, digestive system, stress and others. CBD and THC, the most prevalent compounds of cannabis are known for improving the endocannabinoid system. 

But the thing to be noted is that THC directly interacts with cannabinoid receptors which could be a bit dangerous as it may lower the amount of cannabinoids your body produces naturally. So, tolerance break is necessary as THC should be used to improve and not cause any form of dysfunction in the ECS. 

Also, people who have very little or no knowledge about marijuana think that break is important as tolerance is bad for health, but again that’s a misunderstood concept. 

Benefits of a Cannabis Tolerance Break 

Now, why do people take cannabis tolerance breaks? What are the benefits? Well, tolerance breaks offer a wide range of benefits. Taking regular breaks ensures your system doesn’t take too much THC, which could be problematic. THC interacts with CB 1 receptors in the brain which can trigger the neurological responses, increasing the probability of a person to crave that particular effect again.

 And it is said that there’s nothing wrong with cannabis being a rewarding substance but rewards can always be abused. Excessive consumption of THC could cause cannabis use disorder (CUD) and cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. A tolerance break can help not get any of these disorders. 

Are There Any Side-effects of a Tolerance Break

The side-effects of a tolerance break may vary from person to person, their dependency on cannabis, and health conditions. Initially, a person will feel some physical and psychological discomfort such as restlessness, sweating, problem sleeping, etc. Below are some of the common side-effects of taking a tolerance break- 

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Changes in mood
  • Appetite change
  • Stomach aches 

Tips for a Successful Tolerance Break

  • Be Mentally Prepared

First and foremost, make up your mind. Talk to yourself and figure out why you want a tolerance break. What are your priorities. Write them out. As lame or silly as it sounds, it’s as effective as anything else. 

Clearing up your head and finding a purpose behind everything gives you courage to move forward with what’s best for you. Once you are mentally prepared for your break, slowly and steadily reduce your dosage and then gradually you would be able to take a complete break. But don’t go cold turkey as it might leave you with some serious side-effects. 

Another thing you could do is to make sure that any form of cannabis which you were consuming, is not anywhere near you. Most people take a break from smoking, so ensuring that your place doesn’t have any vaporizers and other smoking devices is necessary. 

  • Exercise  

Exercise is a great tool for keeping yourself away from THC and it’s dependency. Research suggests that intense cardio workouts can help you take out THC out of your body and feel much better. Any form of physical activity would help your body not crave much about cannabis. Whether you want to do yoga sessions, take dance classes, do zumba, anything you like, just stay consistent with it and gradually you will notice a big change. 

  • Stay Busy

Staying busy is probably one of the major things you can focus on while being on your tolerance break. See what you enjoy and choose your activities for the day accordingly. You can hit the gym if you want. Do not skip your work days and try to work with full concentration. Hang out with your family, friends or even meet new people, if that helps. There are a lot of things you can do in order to keep your attention away from cannabis. 

Final Thoughts 

Tolerance breaks are an imperative part of any treatment regime, especially when you feel you are no longer getting the same effects. Before you go on a tolerance break, you need to take care of some things.

If you are a medical cannabis patient and use marijuana for any of your health conditions, then make sure you first consult with your doctor and measure all pros and cons. Taking a break surely sounds cool but it’s not that easy, so make sure you do your proper research first.