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Can Medical Marijuana Help in the Treatment of Eczema?

September 23, 2021 0 Comments

When a question inquiring into the medical effectiveness of marijuana for a particular disease or disorder is asked, many eyebrows are raised. This is because not every person is open to the suggestion of new and unconventional forms of medications and would rather go for traditional and regressive medicines to treat their health issues. However, many MMJ doctors like the medical marijuana New York doctors are constantly advocating the use of medical marijuana as a valid treatment for not only pain and inflammation but also for serious skin conditions like Eczema. How exactly? Let’s find out.

What Is Eczema? 

Eczema, also referred to as atopic dermatitis is a skin condition classified as an autoimmune disease that makes the skin red, inflamed, itchy, and flaky. Other physical symptoms that are commonly noticed in the people who are suffering from this condition are red to brownish gray patches of skin; small, raised bumps which leak fluid or pus that turn to crust when scratched, and extremely red sensitive and swollen skin all over their hands, feet, chest, eyelids, etc. This skin disorder mainly affects children around the age of 5 and persists throughout their adulthood stage but for some people it flares periodically and might sometimes even skip years to show its symptoms.

The main triggers of this disease include hereditary genes, allergens, common irritants, and poor blood flow in the veins. This is especially caused when the afflicted area starts itching badly and is continuously scratched on by the people. As of yet, there is no cure that can treat this skin disorder.

How Does Medical Cannabis Help Eczema? 

As per reliable sources, CBD the phytocannabinoid that is extracted from the cannabis plants is a valid antimicrobial component and can kill Staphylococcus aureus, the bacteria known to cause flare ups in people who suffer from Eczema. Similarly, there are a lot of other factors that hint at the important properties of medical marijuana in the way of treatment of Eczema. Let us go through each one in detail.

Anti-itching Effect

The Endocannabinoid system in the bodies of normal humans enable the reception of cannabinoid solutions almost perfectly. And due to this reason, alone cannabis becomes highly effective in treatment of various disorders in people. This aspect is then taken full advantage of by the doctors with the introduction of cannabis as a medication which will react with the receptors and reduce the symptoms and appearance of Eczema. 

Antimicrobial Effect

As mentioned before, the antimicrobial properties of cannabinoids help in fighting off the staphylococcus aureus strains which are main instigators of this skin disorder. This again highlights how effective cannabis solutions are for the people suffering from Eczema. 

Anti-inflammatory Effect

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and other derivatives of cannabis plants are quite well known. Hence, a lot of topical application medical marijuana products can be made use of to help inhibit mast cell activation which will then prevent the release of histamines. Histamines then further help in getting rid of painful itching and other such issues caused by Eczema. 

For instance, in the state of New York if someone is suffering from this painful skin condition and if they are in possession of a medical marijuana card NY, they can simply consult with their MMJ doctors and ask them to prescribe certain topical skin products which will help with their symptoms.

Pain Relief

Known for being one of the best solutions of pain relief, it makes sense for cannabinoids to also be used to relieve a person of pain that will affect the person suffering from Eczema. It not only reduces pain but is known to give immediate effect which again emphasizes the healing and restoring properties of medical marijuana as a treatment.


There is also the inclusion of relaxing benefits that MMJ products are sure to give the users. All the itch and discomfort that affects the patients can be relieved by using these 420 solutions.

Why Are Doctors so Supportive of Medical Marijuana Solutions?

Well, marijuana has surpassed all expectations in the field of medicine by emerging as one of the most effective forms of treatment for people suffering from a number of health conditions by helping them recover and alleviate many severe symptoms. The simply wondrous therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana that a user experiences are not without credit in spite of the fact that not all consider it to be a reliable form of treatment. Whatever may be the reason for people to not give as much of a warm reception to medical cannabis as is given to any other average form of medication, there is no scientific research that establishes any long term side effects of these MMJ solutions. This makes it one of the most valuable forms of treatments in the world of medicine today.

New York MMJ doctors especially are in strong support of medical marijuana as a valid solution for many health issues and for this reason consistently recommend their patients to choose MMJ products for their treatment. After getting a New York medical marijuana card it becomes super easy for these patients to buy high quality products at reasonable prices for long term use to treat their chronic health issues. What could be better than that? 

Try cannabis topicals for your skin disorder today and enjoy the amazing benefits.