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Edibles vs. Smoking: Which One’s Better For You?

November 25, 2020 0 Comments

Cannabis smoking vs. edibles- The topic has been on a debate in the marijuana community for a very long time. Both these consumption ways are quite famous among cannabis users today. And they both carry their own list of pros and cons. But which one of these is the better choice for you after you’ve got your medical marijuana card in NY? Well, the answer to this question may be unique to every individual. However, we may help you decide by telling you about the major differences between the two. So, let’s begin the learnings.


Potency is perhaps one of the most important factors by which people decide on their preferred marijuana consumption method. And this is where smoking and edibles differ the most. As per the experts, edibles are a lot more potent than smoking. The simple science behind this is when you ingest cannabis, the THC gets transformed into 11-hydroxy-THC in your stomach. And this induces the feeling which is a lot stronger. So, if you want your way of consumption to be more potent, edibles are your clear choice.

Now, you must not forget that the potency of your marijuana also depends on the strain you are consuming. But if we talk about consuming the same strain with both methods, edibles will get you more high.


Now, potency surely isn’t the only deciding factor here. I mean what’s the fun in being high if it’s out of control? And if we take this into account, edibles perhaps won’t be your first choice.

See, the problem with edibles is that they take a lot more time to get you high as compared to smoking. And because of this property, they can be quite unpredictable. On the other hand, with smoking, the effects show up within minutes. And thus, you can control them easily. This may also be one of the deciding factors in the contest between edibles and smoking.

Risks For Health

It’s perhaps given that smoking carries a lot of health risks in the bucket. And it’s not just harmful to the lungs but many other body parts too, including the heart. For this reason, some states have even banned the act of smoking completely, as it may put the patient at even more risk. You must note, though, it’s not cannabis that is the source of risks here but the act of smoking.

But hey, if you think edibles are completely off the risk charts, you should think again. Edibles too have some side effects. Sure, they aren’t as extreme as lung cancer. But still, they are worth considering while choosing a way to consume the herb.


Cost is again one of the significant factors while deciding your way of consuming cannabis. Now, here we have two scenarios here. Either you get the edibles from a dispensary. Or you prepare them at home.

In the first scenario, you are bound to spend more on edibles, as it involves an additional cost of professional preparation and handling. However, if you decide on making them at home, you may save some money by using the parts of the marijuana plant that you usually don’t use for smoking, such as the stem. But here too, you may be able to get the cost pretty much the same as of the flower. So, if the cost is your priority while buying marijuana, smoking can be your first choice.


In this war between edibles and smoking, we just cannot forget the taste. And with so much variety, edibles pretty much seem like winners.

But is it really that simple?

Well, for some, it may be. But there are others that prefer the subtler, simpler taste of the bud itself. In fact, if you are a fan of smoking cannabis, no edible can do justice in terms of taste. The sweet and light notes of marijuana can be enjoyed the best while smoking only.

However, you must also note that while some marijuana strains may offer you citrusy or sweet notes, others may prove quite harsh on your taste buds. And thus, you must be very careful with your strain choice.

While a medical marijuana card NY may allow you to buy cannabis for medical purposes, in the end, it’s in your hands how you want to use it. Smoking and edibles are usually the top choices of new users. But sometimes, people have to choose from them. The differences given above may help you make the right choice for yourself.