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Do You Still Need a Medical Marijuana Card NYC Now That Cannabis is Legal?

May 08, 2021 0 Comments

The biggest news for the state of New York this year has been the legalization of marijuana. Governor Cuomo finally gave a green light to a struggle that has been going on for more than 50 years. But now, with the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA), citizens who are 21 years or older are now free to buy, use and even grow cannabis at home. 


Though not all provisions of the Act are in effect presently, but with a regulating body in place by 2022, all provisions of the Act will be accomplished and implemented. 


With the legalization of adult use cannabis, most legal patients of the state might question the need of a medical marijuana card NYC. Well, here’s a detailed answer to your question.

Why Should You Still Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

It makes sense that with marijuana legalization, many may question the need of a medical card. Now that adult-use cannabis is legal, why bother going further for documentation to access cannabis, right? 

MMJ Card

Well, there are more than one reasons why a medical marijuana card is still important for a patient. 


Legal Reasons

Even though the MRTA Act was signed on March 31st, 2021, it is only partially implemented. Out of the many provisions that were put to effect immediately, the provision for adult-use of cannabis will still take time to be in effect in the state. 


Why? Because the state is still developing a regulatory body. As a result, the sale of adult-use cannabis in NYC is still illegal and as a result, it won’t be possible to buy recreational cannabis at the moment. 


So, the only way for you to access cannabis in the state until 2022 (estimated) is with a medical marijuana card. 


But, what about after all the new laws are in effect and the sale of recreational marijuana officially begins? Well, even then you would need a medical card. In fact, having one for yourself may actually offer you a number of benefits that recreational cannabis consumers do not have access to. 

Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card in a Recreational State

New York is now officially a recreational state just as some of its neighboring states like New Jersey and Massachusetts. And similar to these states, you will be able to see some extra advantages that will be applicable to medical marijuana only. 


It can be presumed that once the recreational marijuana sales begin, all those with a legit medical marijuana card will be able to have some advantages over those without a card. 


For starters, a medical marijuana card will give you extra legal security. Since a card is proof of a patient being qualified by certified doctors, it will give the patients extra leverage over buying, using, growing and even traveling with the herb. 


The next possible advantage for medical card holders will be money savings. With recreational cannabis sales, the taxes are bound to increase. And it is possible that recreational consumers may have to pay more than those with a legit card. Similarly, dispensaries may even offer discounts and special rates for qualified patients. 


For medical patients, cannabis is a medication they need to be better. Keeping this in mind, all those with a medical card will be able to access cannabis products with higher quality and ones that ensure safety. Additionally, the laws may also allow medical consumers with debilitating conditions to buy products with higher THC content for their needs. 


All these benefits will only be applicable to those with a medical card. So, it’s best to find a doctor for a consultation today. 

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card NYC?

If you don’t already have registered as a qualified patient in the state, it’s the perfect time for you to get your medical marijuana card NYC. It’s very much possible that once recreational marijuana sales begin, the dispensaries will be packed with orders and consumers, making it difficult to get hold of good quality products. And it may also be difficult to get a consultation with a doctor. 


So, the best option right now would be to get your medical card in a safe and convenient way using telemedicine. 


There’s no hassle involved in applying for a doctor’s consultation online. You can apply for one in a matter of minutes. 


Once you have an online clinic that you can trust, all you have to do is fill a form which asks questions about your health. Soon the doctor will connect with you for a video consultation. 


At NY Medical Card, the doctor sends your recommendation by email on the same day if you qualify. If you are not approved by the doctor, you will receive a full refund. You can use the doctor’s recommendation to register with the state marijuana program and get your state issued medical marijuana ID card. 


Upon receiving the medical card, you can use it for a period of one year to buy and use cannabis in the state. After a year, all you need is a simple renewal and continue benefiting from all the advantages that come along with it. 


Now, considering all the legalities and benefits that are associated with having a medical marijuana NYC, we can conclude that it is essential to have a medical card even now that marijuana is legal in the state. 


So, use your phone or laptop to apply for a consultation and get your medical card today.