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5 Reasons CBD Is Not Working for You!

September 04, 2021 0 Comments

Why is CBD not working for me? Does it even show any effects? If you have questions like these, you are not alone and we understand you. CBD is the most talked and used term in cannabis culture. Though it is used by a wide range of patients, it might not work for you sometimes. And just because CBD is not working for you, it does not necessarily mean that the whole health industry is fraud. There might be some reasons why CBD is not working for you. Before jumping into the reasons, let’s understand what CBD is and what role does it play-

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the most active components of the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, that gives you a mind high, CBD has some really amazing therapeutic properties. A lot of patients across the US state use CBD as a treatment for the following conditions – 

  1. Chronic Pain 
  2. Anxiety
  3. Depression
  4. Arthritis
  5. Inflammation
  6. Cancer
  7. Wasting Syndrome
  8. Seizures, etc. 

CBD is legal in almost all the US states, however you require a medical card to access other cannabis products. Every state follows different guidelines regarding the issue of medical cards. Let’s say you are a New Yorker, then you need a NY medical card to access cannabis near your area and in the state. CBD, however, is easily accessible on online stores and dispensaries. Now, coming back to the main topic, here are 5 possible reasons why CBD is not working for you – 

You are Impatient and Not Giving It Enough Time 

One of the major reasons why CBD might not be working for you is because of your attitude towards it. You might have tried some CBD oil for your chronic joint pain but you did not feel any relief. And all of that is okay as CBD takes time to display its effects on your mind and body. The instant effects from CBD are not that common. It is advised to take CBD for a few weeks and in some cases, a few months in order to get the ultimate effects. So, make sure you are patient with your CBD treatment. 

Check the Right Dosage for You 

Finding the right dosage is a practice that needs time, be it any treatment. Your body may have a different requirement for CBD depending on the unique biology that we all have. And your wrong dosage might be one of the reasons you are not feeling the CBD effects. So, the main question is how do you find the right dosage for you? 

It’s simple. Start off with a low dose and see how it works for you. If you feel you’re not getting the desired results, then you can increase the dosage accordingly. After a few weeks, you will eventually figure out what works for you and what not! Also, make a note of how you have been experimenting with the dosage and then analyse what works the best for you. 

Your Consumption Method 

The next possible reason could be your consumption method. So, CBD comes in different forms including CBD oil & tinctures, edibles, topicals, pills, vapes, etc. The safest and effective method of consuming CBD is CBD oil. We take oil sublingually, which makes it go directly into the bloodstream, showing quicker results. On the other hand, edibles like gummies and chocolates take a maximum of 2 hours to get into your system and show out the effects. This is one of the reasons the majority of the people prefer CBD oil rather than edibles. So, if CBD is not working for you, you might want to change the delivery system. 

Is Your CBD From a Trusted Source?

This has to be the most crucial and concerning reasons behind CBD not responding for you. Where did you purchase your CBD products? Did you check the brand properly? Are you sure it was from a trusted source? 

Well, with the growing demand for CBD, so many CBD products are hitting the health market. Taking advantage of the situation, there are some scammers who are circulating low-quality CBD in the market without proper labeling, in order to make profits. And some of you might be buying that low-quality CBD just because of your lack of knowledge. And that is why your CBD is not showing the effects. So, be aware of the scammers and gain knowledge about how to recognize the trusted brand.

Maybe CBD Is Not for You 

Last but not least, this could be the major reason why CBD is not working for you. Maybe CBD is not the right treatment for you. There are people who are not even aware about their health condition and are taking CBD treatment just because of the hype around the subject. But is that how you should take care of yourself? Absolutely not. Firstly, analyse yourself and see if there’s a problem or not. If there is, then probably consult a doctor and get guidance on whether you need cannabis or not. If yes, then only go on about purchasing CBD. Though CBD is not harmful, it is not an option. 

Bottom Line 

CBD has become a vast topic in the cannabis culture. Owing to its amazing healing properties, an increasing number of people are choosing CBD as the right treatment for them. Having said that, it is extremely vital to first acquire knowledge about CBD and then move forward towards its consumption. As mentioned earlier, though CBD is legal in almost all of the states of America, consulting your primary doctor about it would not be a harmful choice.